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  • What I need is a strong drink and a peer group
  • Beware of wikinfinite loops
  • BOFHs don't just win. Anyone can win. BOFH's win and totally demoralise. That's real winning.
  • Oh, a geeky girlfriend, a geeky girlfriend, my laptop for a geeky girlfriend!

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Read 6 books by Mike Gayle since Jan '03

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January 2009
Wish You Were Here by Mike GayleBorrowed this from Vik and read it in two sittings. It was certainly readable and I enjoyed it, but it's my least favourite of Gayle's work. It felt a little trite and the dialogue seemed pretty, for lack of a better word, malevolent.
May 2005
His 'n' Hers by Mike Gayle
February 2005
Mr. Commitment by Mike Gayle
March 2004
Thirty Something by Mike Gayle
August 2003
My Legendary Girlfriend by Mike GayleLiked it, am looking for more of Mike Gayle's books after reading one I borrowed from Sarah (this one I borrowed from bigkev). Seems like light reading - I get through them very quickly, but some of the ideas are quite thought provoking. I just recommen
July 2003
Dinner For Two by Mike GayleGood book, fun dialogue. Am going to look for more of his stuff. Borrowed from Sarah.

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