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Read 12 books by Iain M Banks since Jan '03

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January 2018
The Hydrogen Sonata by Iain M BanksLast book in the series, enjoying it so far. Finished: Well, that's me done. I enjoyed the whole series, it's a shame it's over, no more Culture stories. I'll always remember Excession for introducing me to the world. Might go back and read the first 1-3 in a few years.
Matter by Iain M BanksContinuing the series. Finished: Excellent, enjoyed it. Last one to go, gonna be sorry when it's over.
November 2017
Look to Windward by Iain M BanksContinuing the series. Finished: Decent addition. First mention of the e-dust assassin. Brutal and interesting. Two books left. I'll be sad when they are done.
Inversions by Iain M BanksThis was pretty confusing. No mention of the culture, AI or technology at all. I enjoyed the book but I hardly saw the connection. Yeah, there was a scene or two that could have been SC tech, and I caught some of the references, but I wasn't sure what the end goal of the protagonists were. Meh, decent book, but I'll be glad to get back into the Culture swing of things with book 7.
Excession by Iain M BanksRe-reading as part of the series. Great book, I've spoken about this to so many people over the years - and probably will continue to. Neural lace! Finished: Loved it. In hindsight, I must have been pretty confused reading this first in the series, but I enjoyed it back then, even more so now. Looking forward to reading more.
October 2017
The State of the Art by Iain M BanksI really enjoyed this. The whole series was discounted on Amazon, so I bought the whole lot. Moving on to #5 (Excession) even though I've already read it, 'cause I'm so into the story again. Some great ideas and descriptions of the minds so far.
December 2016
Use of Weapons by Iain M BanksI enjoyed this, but it wasn't my favourite of the Culture novels. Some interesting ideas as usual though. Didn't realise I'd read them so out of order. Think I'll continue on and try to read Inversions next.
March 2009
Consider Phlebas by Iain M BanksI enjoyed this. Always been meaning to read more Culture novels.
April 2006
The Algebraist by Iain M Banks
March 2006
Player of Games by Iain M BanksGood book, I think I've liked everything I've read of Banks' so far, will try to read more
December 2004
Against A Dark Background by Iain M Banks
December 2003
Excession by Iain M BanksAn excerpt from this book is on Martin Ling's website, got me interested. Just finished, excellent book. I'll need to look out for more Banks' novels.

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