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Read 10 books by Scott Orson Card since Jan '03

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May 2006
First Meetings in the Enderverse by Scott Orson CardVikki bought this for my 24th birthday. I love the Ender series so it was interesting to read the original short story and hear a bit more about Ender's parents. I couldn't get to sleep one night so read the whole thing in one sitting.
July 2005
Red Prophet by Scott Orson Card
June 2005
Seventh Son by Scott Orson CardExcellent book, looking forward to getting into this series, the main character is cool.
March 2004
Shadow Puppets by Scott Orson CardLast book in the excellent Ender series.
Ender's Shadow by Scott Orson Card
Shadow of the Hegemon by Scott Orson Card
Children of the Mind by Scott Orson Card
December 2003
Xenocide by Scott Orson CardExcellent, really enjoying this series, must get the next one.
Ender's Game by Scott Orson CardExcellent Book. I'm working my way though the series now.
Speaker for the Dead by Scott Orson Card

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