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December 2008
The Ringworld Engineers by Larry NivenI enjoyed this. Always meant to read it after really enjoying Ringworld. Some fascinating imagery.
April 2007
The Magic Goes Away by Larry NivenThis was an excellent book. I'd like to read the others in the trilogy. I almost read this in one sitting, partly in the park and then later in the pub. I was worried reading it out doors though, my copy is a present from Vik, a signed first edition. There are some interesting parallels to be drawn between mana and our current natural resources. 2007-05-04.
July 2006
Ringworld by Larry NivenJamie recommended this, but it's a classic I've been meaning to read for ages, didn't realise it wasn't already on my wish list. Got it as a 24th birthday present from Vikki. after: Good book, the author uses the phrase ego-smashing to describe the view afforded by the ringworld to it's inhabitants at night. Fascinating idea, fascinating book.

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