Random quotes
  • What I need is a strong drink and a peer group
  • Oh, a geeky girlfriend, a geeky girlfriend, my laptop for a geeky girlfriend!
  • There are already a million monkeys on a million typewriters and Usenet is nothing like Shakespeare
  • Beware of wikinfinite loops

Reading List

Read 3 books by Iain Banks since Jan '03

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November 2008
Whit by Iain BanksI liked this, Isis was a fascinating character. The ending seemed a little contrived, but it could have been worse.
April 2008
The Bridge by Iain BanksI enjoyed this a lot. I'll definitely read more of Iain Banks (as well as his sci-fi alter ego), I've only read The Wasp Factory to date, enjoyed that too.
July 2005
The Wasp Factory by Iain BanksI enjoyed this book, very gothic, delightfully wicked, and nice twist. I'm making a point to read more of Iain Banks.

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