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Read 6 books by Neal Stephenson since Jan '03

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September 2015
Anathem by Neal Stephenson10% in, I'm really struggling with this book so far. Weird terminology and obscure references to their timeline/abilities/math. I'm persevering though, because it's Neal Stephenson - I'll be disappointed if it doesn't pick up soon though. Finished: Sheesh. That took me far too long. There were definitely some interesting ideas, but, gah, so much redundant terminology and something generally just bugged me about the monastic sensibilities.. I sort of enjoyed it, but I can't imagine recommending anything but skimming over the wikipedia page to anybody.
November 2003
Zodiac by Neal Stephenson
March 2003
The Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson
January 2003
Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
The Simolean Caper by Neal Stephenson
The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson

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