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Reading List

Read 4 books by Charles Bukowski since Jan '03

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January 2008
Ham on Rye by Charles BukowskiRead this while I was boarding in France, it was a decent book. Was interesting to see his early years, though I prefered the weathered character.
August 2007
South of No North by Charles BukowskiA few great shorts in this collection.
January 2007
Post Office by Charles BukowskiI'm glad I read Woman first. This novel didn't stir up the same feelings (and, hell, admiration) that Woman did. Though I enjoyed it.
February 2006
Women by Charles BukowskiMy first Bukowski book. Read this as part of the Ottakars book group. Really enjoyed it, I'm trying to get hold of some of his other novels and his poetry.

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