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September 2016
The Running Man by Richard BachRead this for the dystopian category for a bookgroup. I guess I shouldn't have expected the movie when I read this, but sheesh. About the only thing in common with the movie were the names. He volunteered for The Running Man game, there were no gladiators (except one guy at the end) and.. well.. I won't give a spoiler even though the entire thing was ruined by Stephen King's preface/intro (which I luckily didn't read until after I'd finished the book). Anyway, bottom line, this story has been done a bunch of times before and better.
September 2010
Jonathan Living Seagull by Richard BachFascinating little novella. Been on my list for six years. This should have been required reading in school. Took about 20 minutes to read but I'll probably be thinking about it in years to come.

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