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Read 9 books by Philip K Dick since Jan '03

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October 2010
Flow my Tears, The Policeman Said by Philip K DickBeen on my list since 2004. Was quite disappointed with this. The first 70% of the book was quite interesting but the ending was pretty terrible. Which seems to be what I usually find with Philip K Dick. Oh well.
May 2009
Dr Bloodmoney by Philip K DickThis was a pretty strange novel. I didn't like it all that much, couldn't really care about the characters.
March 2008
The Eye of Sibyl Other Stories by Philip K DickSome interesting ideas but left wanting as usual.
February 2008
The Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford and Other Stories by Philip K Dick
March 2007
The Divine Invasion by Philip K DickThis was a fascinating premise.
September 2006
Minority Report by Philip K DickBeen meaning to read this for a while. Didn't realise it was so short. The book entitled Minority Report is actually a collection of his short stories. I've decided to list them here individually as I read them so I can keep track of which of his stories I've actually read. The book was okay. Meh.
Rautavaara's Case by Philip K Dick
June 2006
The Man in the High Castle by Philip K DickI liked this, interesting novel.
December 2005
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick

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