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September 2018
Salvation by Peter F HamiltonI tried to put reading this off until he'd written one or two more, but in the end I couldn't, so read it in a couple of sittings when I was in a particular mood for PFH. It was a good book, I didn't enjoy it as much as his other works, but there were some interesting ideas and I'll definitely be getting the next ones when they come out.
May 2017
Night Without Stars by Peter F HamiltonI was saving this for a rainy day, but was missing my Peter F Hamilton fix. Only a chapter or two in and it's good! Finished: I enjoyed it, a lot, sad it's all over now. Think I've read almost all of his work except maybe one or two stand-alone books (which I'll read next). The ending was fine, but there were a lot of loose ends tied up in a bit of a contrived way, better than just ignoring them I guess.
June 2016
The Abyss Beyond Dreams by Peter F HamiltonTaking a break from the Reddit Top 200 books to treat myself with a Peter F Hamilton story. I was putting this off until he'd finished the sequel so I could read it directly after, but I was in the mood for some Void stories and couldn't wait. Read it mostly sitting outside the apartment in Lanzarote. Enjoyed it, as always, some interesting ideas and characters, patiently waiting for the sequel now.
May 2015
A Quantum Murder by Peter F HamiltonJust continuing the trilogy. Enjoying it, but not as much as the others trilogies. Finished: This was okay, nowhere near as good as his other works. I'm just not that into Greg or this earlier (in time) world of his. Meh.
March 2015
Mindstar Rising by Peter F HamiltonStarting on his early work now that I've worked through almost everything else. I like this main character Greg Mandel so far. Finished: Enjoyed it, but not as much as his other series (I prefer more tech!) I'll finish the trilogy.
February 2015
Manhattan in Reverse by Peter F HamiltonBought this hardcover in the pound shop as my 'bathroom book'. I would have paid the RRP for this, 14.99. Poundshop for the win! Really enjoying the first story so far, sort of alternative history detective story where human technology is way more advanced (genetic fingerprinting in the 1850s and space travel before 1900). Finished, enjoyed that book a lot. Helps pad out some of the other works in his trilogies (the Angel/higher Earth encounter).
December 2014
The Evolutionary Void by Peter F HamiltonI really enjoyed this series, the story of the Waterwalker was fascinating and there were some interesting alien species and tech.
November 2014
Judas Unchained by Peter F HamiltonContinuing the Commonwealth Saga. Excellent, I enjoyed this just as much as The Night's Dawn Trilogy. On to his next series I think.
The Temporal Void by Peter F HamiltonWorking through the trilogy. I'm enjoying this just as much as the Night's Dawn trilogy. Just the right mix of action, interesting ideas/storylines and new technologies (ANA, biononics, Highers, memory inserts, dyson spheres, telekinetics) and alien encounters. Finished this; it was excellent. I'll be reading the rest of Peter F Hamilton's works. One thing that stood out from this trilogy; Mr Bovey - that's what I want, multiple bodies, multiple experiences, multiple opportunities and essentially guaranteed immortality.
September 2014
Pandora's Star by Peter F HamiltonStarted this just in time for my holiday in Lanzarote, enjoying it. Finished; I enjoyed this a lot. The Primes are pretty fascinating. Bought the next book the moment I'd finished the first.
February 2014
The Dreaming Void by Peter F HamiltonEnjoyed this. Working through the next trilogy, while also currently reading this short stories.
October 2012
The Naked God by Peter F HamiltonThird in the trilogy. I enjoyed this, the universe it describes is fascinating. The ending was a little too Scooby-Doo/deus-ex-machina for my liking but I'll allow it.
September 2012
The Neutronium Alchemist by Peter F HamiltonSecond part of his trilogy. I'm quite impressed so far. Okay, finished, it was really good book, so many questions. I've got plenty of other things to read, but I'm ploughing on to the third in the series.
April 2012
The Reality Dsyfunction by Peter F HamiltonDespite numerous recommendations over the years, I've finally gotten around to reading Peter F Hamilton. Seems interesting so far. Just finished it, I really enjoyed it. Lots of interesting ideas and technologies. Will get the next few in the series.

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