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  • Sometimes it pays to stay in bed on Monday, rather than spending the rest of the week debugging Monday's code
  • Beware of wikinfinite loops
  • Ducktape is merely a physical manifestation of regexps
  • What I need is a strong drink and a peer group

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Read 2 books by Joe Haldeman since Jan '03

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April 2017
Old Twentieth by Joe HaldemanThe synopsis attracted my attention - space travel and virtual worlds and I'd always meant to read more Haldeman after enjoying The Forever War. After: I enjoyed it, I checked to see if there was a sequel and was disappointed there wasn't. Some interesting ideas.
October 2015
The Forever War by Joe HaldemanContinuing with some classic science fiction. Enjoying this so far. Finished: Wow, excellent book. I thought I'd read this as a kid but realised I obviously hadn't, some fascinating ideas about the development of human society. I'm gonna read Forever Peace and see what else Haldeman has written.

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