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   * [[http://​​book/​|Open Book Project]] ([[https://​​joeycastillo/​The-Open-Book|github]]) - Open Book Hardware Project (April 2020)   * [[http://​​book/​|Open Book Project]] ([[https://​​joeycastillo/​The-Open-Book|github]]) - Open Book Hardware Project (April 2020)
   * [[https://​​id/​Literary-Clock-Made-From-E-reader/​|E-reader Clock]] ([[https://​​item?​id=17688324&​utm_term=comment|hn]])   * [[https://​​id/​Literary-Clock-Made-From-E-reader/​|E-reader Clock]] ([[https://​​item?​id=17688324&​utm_term=comment|hn]])
 +  * [[https://​​art=hacks|Spirtes mods - Hacks]] - Among other things, this guy has [[https://​​art=hddhack|installed Linux on the microcontroller on his hard drive]] and turned an [[https://​​art=mouseeye|optical mouse into a camera]]. ​ Fascinating.
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