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 +  * Read it Twice! A mass-storage-based TOCTTOU attack 
 +  * Keystroke Recognition Using Wifi Signals 
 +  * Poster: Secure Storage of Masked Passwords 
 +  * An Integrated Brain-Machine Interface Platform with Thousands of Channels 
 +  * Analysis of a "/​0"​ Stealth Scan from a Botnet 
 +  * Bidirectionality,​ Mediation, and Moderation of Metaphorical Effects: The Embodiment of Social Suspicion and Fishy Smells 
 +  * Eulerian Video Magnification for Revealing Subtle Changes in the World 
 +  * BrainNet: A Multi-Person Brain-to-Brian Interface for Direct Collaboration Between Brains 
 +  * Economics of BitTorrent Communities 
 +  * Business Ethics and Moral Motivation: A Criminological Perspective
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