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Games I've Played

Only just occurred to me to start recording these here, as some of them, especially the big open world games are very much like movies or novels to me (they are all conflated in my head). Anyway, another list for posterity.


  • Robocop: Rogue City - This was fun, felt a little old school like Deus Ex, in a good way. I really don't understand why they ressurected a 40 year old franchise to make this game that takes place after the first movie. I'm glad they did though!
  • Baldur's Gate 3 - Enjoyed this a lot. I chose the warlock character, Wyll, and played him pretty evil. Ended up a full Illthiah tied to my she-devil. Killed a lot of NPCs. Fun :) Would consider a playthrough again with completely different classes, which is saying something as I don't normally play twice.
  • Dishonored - I'd tried to get into this before, but after seeing it recommended a few more times I finally gave it another go. It was ok, I enjoyed it, but I'd have preferred a better shooting mechanic - I just didn't like the combat much (it was too simplified). Anyway, decent game - wasn't too limiting in the stealth aspect - i.e. I could just go around and quietly (or not so quietly) kill everybody, a la Hitman. I did kill almost everybody right enough, not sure if I had the best ending.. I saved the girl, so, mission accomplished? Hmm.


  • Jupiter Hell - Interesting mechanic (well, it's a very old mechanic) but I liked how it was implemented. Its given me some ideas for my own projects.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - I'd completed this game within a few days of getting hold of it in Dec 2020, but I was inspired to check out the new updates that had accumulated by Dec 2022. I actually found the experience a bit worse, more buggy. It was still very playable though. This time I tried to complete a bit more of the side quests, as I feared in my first playthrough, this made me monstrously overpowered (Reflex/Tech build with Sandevistan and Mantis blades) - unstoppable even against 10+ enemies - fun to play though. I tried a few different endings - suicide initially, though I didn't quite understand what I was doing before that happened - then storming the tunnels with Panam - missed all that extra content in my previous playthroughs. Fun game. Not sure I'll go back to it now I've seen so much of the world - maybe it'll be fun to resume from the save point, try one more build and just try some more side quests.
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