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-====== John Linden ======+====== ​Poems of John Linden ======
 ===== Remembrance ===== ===== Remembrance =====
-Written November 2005.+//Written November 2005.//
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 I wonder at the lessons taught.\\ I wonder at the lessons taught.\\
 +===== My Garden =====
 +In my garden bright and fair\\
 +Where beautiful aromas fill the air\\
 +I find peace and comfort there\\
 +In my garden bright and fair\\
 +Where the black bird sings and robins fly\\
 +Where wonderful flowers all stare at the sky\\
 +In my garden bright and fair\\
 +the profusions of flowers are all around\\
 +their vivid colours so beautiful, so bright
 +fill me with joy and delight\\
 +The wonders of nature are to be found\\
 +in the flowers that stare at the sky and cover the ground.
 +In my garden bright and fair\\
 +A wonderful stream flows there\\
 +Its soft, soothing, song\\
 +calming as it runs along
 +As I sit by my soothing, calming stream\\
 +I often drift to a slumber and to dream\\
 +to dream of golden, olden days\\
 +in their quaint and tranquil ways\\
 +days of my youth drift by as I sleep in the flowers that stare at the sky
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