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Notable Movies

  • Swatting: Ghost In The Machine (1993) - Earliest example of Swatting I've noticed so far. The characters unplugged all the power so an evil AI (soul in the machine thing) couldn't get to them. So the AI/evil guy told all the different police cars that there was an armed robbery/hostage situation etc at a property, then when they all arrived, it overrode an electric pylon causing a bang which made them all fire into the house.

Personal notable movies

  • Mariticide: Unnatural Causes - Home Cooking (1986). This was the first movie I remember seeing (at age 4-7 or something) that featured a mariticide - at that young age I couldn't get my head around why someone would murder their husband (or wife) - it was especially memorable to me for some reason (locking the husband in a sauna, then drowing out his screams for help with food processors etc). The episode on YouTube here. Stared Brian Cox as the husband, and Prunella Scales as the wife. I asked on r/tipofmytongue to get the answer of which movie I was thinking of.
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