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Party Games

Recording some of the games we've played in the past as I keep forgetting how to play them exactly.

The Famous People Game

Everybody writes down the names of famous people on three slips of paper, folds them and puts them in a pot to create a big selection of possible names. Then we divide into teams and take turns at describing them verbally (like Articulate, without saying the name). We take a final score on how many each team managed to successfully describe.

For the second round (and third) it becomes more like a memory game. All the names go back into the pot and now play continues in the same way except the verbal descriptions are limited to three words (all throughout the game gestures, mime and hand actions are encouraged). Scores are tallied.

For the last round, you are no longer allowed to speak, it becomes a famous people charades (but you can rely on your memory to help you along).

1 to 100

This game sounds very simple, but it's been surprisingly entertaining when we've played it. First person to write the numbers 1 to 100 wins. You can also win by just writing 100 on a sheet that someone else has already filled in.

Each player gets a sheet of paper. A player is choose to start, takes the single pen and begins to write the nmbers 1 to 100, the player to the right rolls a die:

  • On a 6, they take the pen and begin writing, starting with number one, or continuing from wherever someone else left off
  • On a 3, all papers are passed to the right
  • On a 1, they can swap their paper with any other paper (including the one someone is currently writing on)
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