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TV Shows

Starting to track what I watch.

Currently Watching

  • Star Trek Lower Decks - Really enjoying this, it's a bit over the top at times, but I enjoy the humour and its always nice to have more Star Trek.
  • Raised By Wolves - Enjoying this. I think it has a lot of potential. The pilot episode was great, feature length and showed lots of stuff while raising more questions (rather than just opening lots of 'tease' threads).
  • Stargirl - Meh, undecided.
  • Marvel: Agents of Shield - This is mostly background. Some of the AI/framework stuff in Season 4/5 was interesting. They didn't do as much with it as I hoped though.
  • Infinity Train - Meh, undecided. Annoyingly short episodes.
  • The Twilight Zone (Season 2) [2020] - Undecided.


  • The Boys (Season 2) - Wow. I enjoy this show. It's brutal.
  • Hanna (Season 1 & 2) - Meh, this was OK. Bit too 'coming of age' teen stuff for me, and the ending just sort of petered out.
  • The Fall (Seasons 1-3) - This was great show, Gillian Anderson was excellent, I thought her character was pretty interesting. The villian was very good too. Wasn't sure where it was going by the start of season three, which was a good thing. I enjoyed the ending too.
  • Brave New World (Season 1) - This wasn't bad - I liked it.
  • Pennyworth (Season 1) - I was pleasantly suprised at this. The lead did a great job channelling a young Michael Caine/Alfred. The story got a bit far fatched, but overall I enjoyed it. They painted a really interesting alternative Britain/world in which Gotham exists. I'll watch more.
  • Inhumans - Meh, pretty mediocre. Had it on the background mostly. Nothing stood out much to me, they chould have done a lot more with the guy who saw probabilities (in a sense). I also wanted to hear more about the face in the wall, which could have been fascinating. Oh well.
  • 24: Live Another Day - I've never really seen much of 24 (maybe the first season or two) but was inspired to watch this after someone referred to a Scottish hacker in it. The hacking was meh, but overall the show was entertaining.
  • Mr Robot (Season 4) - Wow. Great show. Some of the most accurate hacking/computer scenes I've seen in a film or TV show. Good ending. Great acting from Rami Malek and the others. One of the best TV shows in the past decade.
  • AFK - This was pretty terrible. I don't know why I watched it all - the episodes were short. It was cringy and the acting was very bad. It took itself too seriously despite being so irreverent.
  • Halt and Catch Fire - Been meaning to watch this for a while now. Ended up binging the whole four seasons in a couple of days. I really liked this. The material was straight up my street and the acting was pretty great. It was interesting to see Cameron in this role - I only knew her from Terminator Dark Fate.
  • Emergence - I enjoyed this. I wanted to see more of the girl's abilities. Not sure I'd recommend it though.
  • Devs - This was interesting, I wanted a bit more from the show. Still, it had some interesting existential scenes (the echo when they were watching themselves in the lab for instance).
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