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  • Automan - Wow, this might be one of the cheesiest things I've ever seen. No explanation at all for why this guy was conjured up out of thin air from an early 80s mini computer. I like it :) Only one season before it was cancelled, apparently each episode cost a record setting $1 million to make. Finished: It really shows that they didn't know anything about computers (and assumed noone else did), his powers were getting quite over the top but they had an easy out (his power requirements). Shame it was cancelled.
  • The Undoing - I enjoyed this, though I kinda guessed how it would pan out. The girl was pretty - she looked a bit like a native american Jennifer Lawrence.
  • The Ripper - Interesting documentary. It seemed like they had an unusual amount of relevant high quality footage which I found a little strange.
  • Raised By Wolves - Enjoying this. I think it has a lot of potential. The pilot episode was great, feature length and showed lots of stuff while raising more questions (rather than just opening lots of 'tease' threads). Finished: Meh, the pilot was great. Not much else happened in the rest of the show. It could have been a decent mini series, plenty that could have been cut out and not affected the show. Stil, the world is intriguing. I'll watch another season.
  • The Boys (Season 2) - Wow. I enjoy this show. It's brutal.
  • Hanna (Season 1 & 2) - Meh, this was OK. Bit too 'coming of age' teen stuff for me, and the ending just sort of petered out.
  • The Fall (Seasons 1-3) - This was great show, Gillian Anderson was excellent, I thought her character was pretty interesting. The villian was very good too. Wasn't sure where it was going by the start of season three, which was a good thing. I enjoyed the ending too.
  • Brave New World (Season 1) - This wasn't bad - I liked it.
  • Pennyworth (Season 1) - I was pleasantly suprised at this. The lead did a great job channelling a young Michael Caine/Alfred. The story got a bit far fatched, but overall I enjoyed it. They painted a really interesting alternative Britain/world in which Gotham exists. I'll watch more.
  • Inhumans - Meh, pretty mediocre. Had it on the background mostly. Nothing stood out much to me, they chould have done a lot more with the guy who saw probabilities (in a sense). I also wanted to hear more about the face in the wall, which could have been fascinating. Oh well.
  • 24: Live Another Day - I've never really seen much of 24 (maybe the first season or two) but was inspired to watch this after someone referred to a Scottish hacker in it. The hacking was meh, but overall the show was entertaining.
  • Mr Robot (Season 4) - Wow. Great show. Some of the most accurate hacking/computer scenes I've seen in a film or TV show. Good ending. Great acting from Rami Malek and the others. One of the best TV shows in the past decade.
  • AFK - This was pretty terrible. I don't know why I watched it all - the episodes were short. It was cringy and the acting was very bad. It took itself too seriously despite being so irreverent.
  • Halt and Catch Fire - Been meaning to watch this for a while now. Ended up binging the whole four seasons in a couple of days. I really liked this. The material was straight up my street and the acting was pretty great. It was interesting to see Cameron in this role - I only knew her from Terminator Dark Fate.
  • Emergence - I enjoyed this. I wanted to see more of the girl's abilities. Not sure I'd recommend it though.
  • Devs - This was interesting, I wanted a bit more from the show. Still, it had some interesting existential scenes (the echo when they were watching themselves in the lab for instance).
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