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A Matrix bot (originally [and still] an IRC bot) that responds to the following commands:

  • !riddle - Asks a random riddle (enters game mode and waits for the right answer), you can use !pass to skip
  • !joke - Tells a random joke
  • !georgesq - Shows a picture from the George Square webcam. You can also ask for a specific date/time, for example:
    • !georgesq 2020-04-20 19:30
    • !georgesq 7pm 5th Jan 2020
    • !georgesq 6pm yesterday
  • Adelaide: status - Outputs memory usage and system load. You can also ask more colloquially:
    • Adelaide: How are you?
  • !rhash username - Tries to figure out the interests of a reddit user by compiling keywords of their subreddits and recent post history. e.g. !rhash sevenofk9
  • !define word - Defines a word (uses the Merriam-Webster Dictionary API and links to Wikionary)
  • !wiki word - Shows a short summary of the term from Wikipedia (as well as the link to the article)
  • !shorten url - Shortens a URL e.g. !shorten
  • !qr - Generates a QR code, you can generate one for anything really.. e.g. !qr or !qr Hello
  • !remindme - Sends a reminder at the given time. e.g. !remindme 2 weeks Do that thing or !remindme 5th May We're going to the show
  • !roll 3d6 - Rolls dice for D&D games e.g. !roll 2d6 + 5 or !roll d20

Other functionality

  • It's running a continous game of Cards Against Humanity in, use !dealmein to play
  • You can join the Countdown room and use !start to play a version of multiplayer countdown
  • If a link is posted to a room then it'll post the link title.
    • If it's a YouTube video it'll post the Title, author and number of views
    • If it's a Wikipedia article (or gamepedia link) it'll post a snippet
    • IMDB link: Movie title, year, rating and director/cast
    • It's able to summarise tweets (using and toots
    • If the link is more than 100 characters, it'll automatically shorten it for you.
  • It warns me if there is a Celtic game on (so I know the pub will be busy or certain friends will be tied up).

Work in progress

  • Integrate with jukebox


  • In the Minecraft room all the chat from our Minecraft server is sent to the room so you can keep up on the conversations happening in game without logging in. It also displays a notification when someone joins the game. You can also ask the following.
  • !minecraft - Shows who is currently online
  • !whitelist username - Adds a user to the server whitelist, the counterpart is !whitelist_remove username
  • !say Hello World - Sends 'Hello World' to the chat inside the game
  • !weather rain - Makes it rain in the game. You can also use !weather clear and !weather thunder
  • !let there be light - Makes it daytime in the game


  • - Hacker News articles (anything that makes it on to the front page with 100 points) - powered by
  • - Tweets posted by Glasgow Defcon
  • - Every new post to and comments on the daily steamie post
  • - Firehose of all /r/glasgow comments
  • - Youtube feed from Smarter Every Day
  • - Youtube feed from Boston Dynamics, meetup events posted to the Glasgow Geek Social
  • - Feed of xkcd, theycantalk, poorlydrawnlines,the oatmeal among others
  • - Youtube feed from EC Henry, Trekspertise
  • - Meetup events from the bookgroup
  • - Toots from by members of the room


Adelaide has a number of functions limited to certain users or rooms. So far it can do some of the following:

  • Get the balance of our shared account
  • Add/remove and show items on a shopping list
  • Remind us if products are expiring (from our Grocy server)
  • Wish us happy birthday
  • It posts RSS feeds to certain rooms (see Web Comics or Science)
  • Takes a feed from some IRC channels on Freenode/Libera and posts them to a relevant room ( for example)
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