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Matrix Bot: Cards Against Humanity

A Matrix bot that runs a game of Cards Against Humanity in (join us at

This is designed to be a relaxed version of Cards Against Humanity that can be played with multiple players in the background over the course of several days (or it can be a quick replacement for the card game, depending how active the current players are). It supports players dropping in and out of the action (and saves your cumulative score).


  • !dealmein - Assigns you seven white cards and deals you into the game
  • !dealmeout - Deals you out of the game (you can rejoin at a later time and continue your score)
  • !cah - Shows the current game status (what the question is, who the card czar is and who is still to answer)
  • !newcards - Replaces all seven cards in your hand with new cards (can only be used once every 12 hours)
  • !cards - Get a reminder of your hand (shows your white cards)
  • !scores - Shows the scoreboard
  • !white - Add a new white card to the list (e.g. !white Santa's testicles). These can be done on the channel or in a private message.
  • !black - Add a new black card to the list (e.g. !black The covid vaccine gave me _.)


  • If you haven't chosen a white card within 24 hours you'll get a reminder to make a choice
  • If you haven't played (chosen a white card or picked a winning entry) in 3 days you'll be automatically dealt out. There is a four hour warning before this happens.


We're using the Base deck plus the green box and expansion packs 1-6. All downloaded from:

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