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The Open Guide to Glasgow

I've had this domain for a long time. Originally it was a mediawiki wiki with entries for all the pubs in Glasgow (that data later became the basis of Mcpubs) and it was expanded to include information on individual streets and the businesses they hosted etc.

Now the site is a dokuwiki wiki and focuses on providing lists of 'Things to do', 'Clubs & Interests' and so on.

It was seeded by searching the whois records for every domain that had the word 'glasgow' in it and scraping the data for keywords. Since then it's been manually updated by me.

I've focused on compiling lists of event pages with the ultimate goal of creating a comprehensive “What's On” site at some point in the future.

There was also: and but I haven't seeded those with many entries so far. I've since retired them/the idea - it's difficult enough keeping my home city up to date.

Future plans

  • Investigate how feasible it is to integrate dokuwiki with mastodon so you can login/edit and comment/subscribe using your Fediverse address
  • Have the data (URL directory/lists) available in multiple formats
    • e.g. A live bookmark feed to be used as bookmark directory in Firefox/Chrome
    • A gopher server powered by this data - just because I can
    • Allow Adelaide to search this data via IRC
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