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Would You Rather

I enjoy this game, always insightful to play with new friends.

  • Would you rather fall down every staircase you use or trap your hand in every door?
  • Would you rather watch porn with your parents or watch porn of your parents?
  • Would you rather always wipe with sandpaper or cling film?
  • Would you rather always have a popcorn kernel in your throat or cheesey cheeto fingers forever?
  • If your girlfriend's mind was switched with your mother's mind and you had to have sex with one of the bodies, would it be your girlfriend's body with your mother's mind, or your mother's body with your girlfriends's mind?

Would You

  • Look at a family photo frame from 10 years in the future? I'd make a mental note to hold lottery numbers in the future. If you see yourself are you immortal for 10 years?


  • If Batman died, would the joker be happy?
  • Would you take a job where you did nothing in an empty room for £100k/year?


Not mine, just stuff I like to think about with others.

  • If only it were as easy to banish hunger by rubbing ones stomach (Diogenes?)
  • One day our parents put us down and never picked us up
  • Loneliness is never discussed as openly as anger
  • Harry Potter kept Borders in business two extra years
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